Amex Charge Cards

First off, a charge card is not the same as a credit card.The two biggest differences are that you need to pay it off in full each month, meaning you can’t pay the minimum and be fine, and there is a very high credit limit. That being said, let’s take a look at the Amex charge cards.

Green Card

This is the lowest tier American Express charge card, and has an annual fee of $95, which is waived the first year.  There is no interest, as you pay your bill in full each month, and you get some rewards, although they’re not as good as something like the Discover It card. You get 2x points on purchases made at, and 1x points per dollar on just about everything else. You also get some other Amex benefits, like extended warranty, purchase protection, return protection, and dispute resolution.

Gold Card

The next tier up is the American Express Gold charge card. This has an annual fee that’s $100 higher, coming in at $195 a year. You get 3x points on flights booked with airlines, 2x points on restaurants, gas stations, and supermarkets, with 1x points per dollar on everything else. You also get up to $100 a year to cover airline fees, which could be helpful if you travel a lot. Because of that credit, if you travel often, the Gold Card will cost as much as the Green Card.


The next level up, the highest available to the public, is the American Express Platinum charge card. This offers a lot, but has the highest annual fee, coming in at $550. You get 5x points for flights booked with airlines, 5x points on hotels, and 1x on everything else. You also get $200 of airline fee credit per year, and $200 of Uber savings. That means that if you take advantage of Uber and Airline fee credit, you can bring the annual fee down to just $150, which can be made up for by the 5x cash back categories.


No charge card comparison can be made without mentioning this card. This is an exclusive, invite-only, black metal card that costs around $2500 a year to have. Not much is known about it, aside from the fact that you need to spend a ton a year to get invited.

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