Freemium services/apps

Have you ever heard of Candy Crush, or Clash of Clans?

Well these two apps are just a few of the towering number of freemium apps out there, and this number is continuing to climb. Some of you out there may be asking yourselves what is a freemium app. Luckily I’ll tell you, freemium apps are almost always free, but then they make the game addicting making you want  to buy virtual goods or in app purchases. This is the market of Freemium                ( pretty much a pricing strategy). In my personal opionion, I am in favor of Freemium apps or services, because they allow the market of apps and services to become a limited free, allowing some users to use their services without paying while allowing users (usually more addicted people or needy) to pay for it creating a steady income for the developers to continue allowing the service to be free upfront.

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