Why Donald J. Trumps public view is at an all time low

Donald Trump has become very popular over the last few months.

(Please note that this review was written in my own bias but factual opinion)

This is probably because of his presidential campaign and actually becoming the 45th president. Donald Trump has also made a lot of promises over his presidential campaign, and as I thought he has accomplished around… none of them after 200 days in office.

In consequence, Trumps public view has reached an all time low. Probably the biggest thing Trump promised is that he would make Mexico pay to build his “wall”, well that wall is no where in sight(has he even mentioned it again in office?). He also promised to cut taxes(only got higher), he promised to fight terrorism(and he half heartedly is trying on this one). This list goes on and on, did I forget to mention he is on a 17 day vacation even though he has accomplished next to nothing so far? Lets not even talk about the pressure he put on the market when he threatened North Korea with the “fire and fury” statement(the market leveled out pretty quickly). In conclusion, Trumps supporters are saying goodbye and his impeachment date is getting closer and closer.(Let’s not even talk about what he’s doing to the EPA)

Source(s): politifact

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