Why everyone should go to college

Are you debating whether or not to go to college?

Well today I will give you facts on why everyone should go to college, yes including you. Going to college does not mean high school all over again, in fact studies have showed that people that go to college and get a job after tend to get paid more money, keep their jobs longer, and get jobs easier than just students that have just finished high school. These are not the only reasons to go to college though, going to college will make you more independent because it means that you choose your own class work, your schedule, and you choose the amount of time you want to devote into your class work and extracurricular activities. On top of all this, college will help you find your passion, build a much deeper understanding in the course you want to participate in, and college will undoubtedly open more opportunities to you. I will not forget to mention that going to college can be and will be expensive, that means that you will have to choose the right college for you. Meaning that you have to choose the right type of college out there, either it be a community college, federal, or private institution.

(Do not forget that their are a ton of scholarships out there, raiseme is a great program for micro scholarships)


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