Why governments should use online currencies

Have you heard of any online currencies lately? Perhaps Bitcoin? Anyways, today I am not talking about Bitcoin by saying online currency, I am talking about literally an online currency by itself. Now that that is out of the way, it is time to discuss why I think all governments should use online currencies. First of all, the currency I am talking about again is not real… yet. This online currency I am talking about will track where all money is spent, where it goes, and who holds what amount of it. If a government were to use this currency this would eliminate all illegal goods, because anyone can see where the money is spent. This currency would also eliminate counter-fit money because the government controls all money that is made and it has a unique identifier to finally eliminate all counter-fit money. And if all governments would adopt this online currency, this would eliminate the need for currency exchange business’s and terrible exchange rates, not to mention that anyone would be able to see what amount of money anyone else holds. Have another advantage or maybe even a disadvantage(NO!!!)? Please leave a comment below.


Summary: Now what would be better than a universal online money currency that eliminates illegal goods, counter-fit money, and is again Universal?

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