Why the mega millions winner already ruined her life

(This may not necessarily be 100% factual)

Recently an ordinary Jill(not her real name), luckily got the winning numbers for the 760 million dollar(estimate) jackpot. The way she may have just ruined her life is that she connected her real name with her winnings. Now I’ll tell you why this may ruin her life… Basically, millions of people in the entire U.S.A. will be trying to get her phone number, her address, and any information that ties to her, they will be doing this to try and get money out of her, begging her with their life stories or hardships. Now this all could be prevented if she would make herself hidden a bit more, for example: someone can collect the money for her and give it to her. Fortunately, their is still time for her to fix the situation though, she can always change her name, phone numbers, address’s, etc…

The Verdict: If you win the lottery, change your name, phone number, address, and bank accounts.

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