Why Nuclear Weapons keep the peace?

In my opinion, nuclear weapons can actually keep the peace(Say What??). The last time nuclear weapons were used for war was 1945(World War ll), that was nearly 72 years ago! Everyone realized how destructive nuclear weapons could be and the severity of using them, no one has used any for war since(I am not going to mention North Korea and nuclear weapons in this post because I do not want to demote the idea of safety and nuclear weapons).  A good example on how nuclear weapons can keep the peace is with Israel(It has never been confirmed that Israel has nuclear capabilities, but is thought to). Most of the countries that surround Israel don’t even recognize it exists(In this case Iran), but they don’t invade or attack with nuclear weapons because they know Israel will(That is if they have the capabilities) hit them right back with a nuclear weapon. The main reason I think nuclear weapons keep the peace is knowing the severity of the using nuclear weapons now that they are hundreds of times more powerful than the first one 72 years ago and that most powerful nations have them.

This post was written according to my knowledge and my opinion. If you have a suggestion or want to correct me, feel free to leave a comment below.

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