Why you shouldn’t use recaptcha(for now)

We all know how annoying spam is on your site, and recaptcha is the most effective free way to block it. Here’s why you shouldn’t use it.

It’s annoying

How many times have you wanted to leave a comment on a site, only to be asked to click on all images containing a vehicle? And how many of those times asked you to do it like a thousand times? That’s the main reason I don’t use recaptcha, it’s annoying and only stops a few bots. Bots are getting smarter and smarter, and can already bypass most means of blocking them, so it’s not worth annoying your visitors. I find that WP Cerber does just fine at blocking spam without an annoying pop-up

It also blocks humans

Especially on shared IP addresses, like VPN services, you get asked to solve a lot of recaptchas even though you’re a human being! Invisible recaptcha is aimed at solving this, but I find instead of checking a checkbox, it just pops out of nowhere and asks you to solve useless crap. Less people are going to leave comments if it takes an hour to post one, so user engagement drops really fast. Does it stop bots? Sure, but it also stops the majority of humans from ever leaving a comment on your site.


If you’re all for privacy, and don’t use Google Analytics or Adsense, then recaptcha gives Google information you’re trying to hide. I rely on Google Analytics to know how to make better content, and how well I’m doing, but if you’re like NerdOfCode, and will sacrifice a bit of users for privacy, then you don’t want recaptcha. Anyways, on WordPress, there’s a ton of free plugins, such as Akismet, that claim to block spam without annoying users; those plugins are also better, as they stop human spam, along with bots.

Let me know what you do to fight spam in the recaptcha free comments!

Update: I now use recpatcha for the registration page and contact form because I have been getting a lot of spam. However, I will leave he comments captcha Free.

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