Why you should be using WordPress for your blog

As there are so many blogging content management systems out there, deciding which one to use can be difficult. This is why you should use WordPress as your CMS:

Market Share

More than 20% of the internet runs off WordPress, so you get support for more or less any problem you have. A ton of people have knowledge about how to fix WordPress, it shouldn’t be a problem, that is if your site breaks at all. Because WordPress has so much of the market share, it’s in constant development, and is continuing to improve version after version.


If you need something that’s not built in to WordPress, you can choose from one of thousands of plugins to do whatever you need. I have yet to find only one plugin for anything I needed my site to do. There are plugins to compress images, plugins to export content, plugins to import content, and plugins for more or less anything.


If you don’t want your site to look normal, then WordPress is your best choice. Choose from one of thousands of themes, and add your own CSS, or use the built-in customization options. WordPress lets you play around with theme settings and see them before the site goes live, so you can only release changes as soon as they’re perfect. Installing a theme is super easy, simply search one, and click install, and then you can activate the one you want.


Since WordPress is self-hosted, you can move your content to one of many hosting providers, or run it on your own server. If you’re like me, and want to customize the source code, you can do that, because it’s open-source. You can create your own themes for free, and you can make your own plugins for free. Everything is written in PHP, CSS, JavaScript, or HTML, so if you’ve been making your own sites, WordPress shouldn’t be that new to you.

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