WP Cerber Fix & Review

Want to secure your WordPress site?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. This will be my review of the WP Cerber Security & Antispam plugin.

What does it do?

This is one of the more basic security plugins, which is in no way a bad thing. It has a very easy to use settings page, something other security plugins suck at, and does do a good job at preventing unauthorized logins. Its main use, on this site, is to prevent brute force login attempts, spam, and access to WP-Admin and the REST API. It allows you to lock down the REST API for only logged in users, so you won’t notice a difference, and plugins such as Jetpack that rely on it will continue to function. I also like the setting that prevents redirecting wp-admin to the login page, so only logged in users can access the admin page, which I think should be the WordPress default.

99% of the spam caught on this site is because of the WP Cerber plugin. Its default action is to deny spam comments, but I prefer the option to send it to spam, which I check every now and then. I also frequently use its access logs, which log basic information such as when a user logged in and from where, so I can tell if my account has been compromised(don’t worry, it’s locally stored).

Fix 9/10 problems with WP Cerber

Although it is a great plugin, it does become a bit buggy at times. However, if what I’m about to show you doesn’t work, then the creator of this plugin is very active of the support forums. Anyways, here’s how to fix it:

First, try fixing the database, which can be found under the diagnostics tab in the database section. I find that this just spits out errors without doing anything, but I probably have a messed up install due to the edits I made to the multisite install. If that fails to work, then use a tool like phpmyadmin to delete all tables that begin with cerber_

The cool thing about Cerber is that it will automatically recreate the tables, without even re-installing! I found that removing the tables fixed the access logs not working, and it will also probably fix a ton of other issues. Just be sure to backup for doing this!


Let me know what your favorite security plugin is in the comments below.


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