Go T-Mobile!!

You all know how much I love T-Mobile, but they’re just getting better and better.


Their coverage used to be laughable, and even Sprint had better coverage than them. That all changed the year the uncarrier movement started, and changed the industry for good. Their coverage is getting better and better, and I think it will surpass AT&T by the end of the year, and maybe even Verizon. They started off with nothing, but they improved, and improved, and improved, and it’s payed off.


Coverage is useless without speed, which is the problem with Verizon. Verizon is cutting their video resolutions, and trying to force people to switch to their plan that offers no prioritized data, and their network is still on its way out. T-Mobile’s network just keeps getting faster, even with a 50GB prioritization limit, more than double the second best!! More people are streaming Netflix, now that’s its included with T-Mobile family plans. Yet, T-Mobiles network is continuing to get faster. They even have gigabit LTE in over 400 markets, with advanced LTE in nearly 1000 markets. Their even rolling out a 5G-capable network right now! When 5G comes out, they need to change some software, and they’ll be the first nationwide 5G network!!


T-Mobile changed the pricing of the industry forever. They have taxes and fees included, and the lowest rates for multi-line unlimited data plans. They are also the ones that killed the two year contract, meaning they’re likely the reason you have freedom to switch without paying early termination fees.

Other features

On top of being a great network, they also offer the best features. When traveling to Canada and Mexico, you get 5GB of LTE data, with unlimited talk and text. Going around the world? You stay connected with unlimited 2G and text, with calls at just 20 cents per minute! You also get Netflix payed for on family plans, the ability to upgrade your phone every month if you want, and more.

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