MetroPCS price change

MVNO pricing changes often, sometimes making it a better deal, and sometimes not.This is one of those times where its not. MetroPCS recently made their multi-line plans more expensive, still better than say a year ago, but still worse than last month. Their new pricing is still competitive, but not by that much.

The price for four lines for their plans is currently:

  • $120 a month for 2GB of data per line
  • $130 a month for 6GB of data per line
  • $140 a month for unlimited on device data
  • $150 a month for unlimited on device data with 10GB of LTE hotspot

All of their pricing includes all taxes and fees, so what you see is what you pay. Although their multi-line plans went up in cost, single line plans still cost the same. They also increased the mobile hotspot from 8GB to 10GB of the $60 unlimited plan.

Also, like their parent company, T-Mobile, they increased their deprioritization limit from 32GB, but not by much. While T-Mobile raised the limit to a whopping 50GB, metroPCS only increased their limit to 35GB. While still 12 GB higher than their nearest competitor, it would be nice to get the full 50GB.

BoostMobile has an unlimited plan for 4 lines, taxes and fees included, that cost just $125, and has 8GB of hotspot. Like metroPCS, they support many iPhone features, such as visual voicemail, and mobile hotspot. Unfortunately, BoostMobile runs off the Sprint network, with very little roaming. Speaking of roaming, metroPCS didn’t change their Canada or Mexico roaming prices, so it’s still just $5 a month to use your phone as usual in Canada or Mexico.

Another thing worth mentioning is that metroPCS is still technically cheaper than T-Mobile. The reason I said technically is because four line plans on T-Mobile include Netflix, which is a $10 value, so it evens out. Another nice thing is that metroPCS includes 10GB of LTE hotspot for that price, while T-Mobile opted for unlimited 3G speed hotspot, which is usable, but noticeably slow.

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