MetroPCS vs Cricket Wireless

I finally decided to compare the two MVNOs.First off, the basics about each MVNO:


  • Runs on the T-Mobile network
    • Also owned by T-Mobile
  • Offers four plans
  • Offers family discounts
  • No speed caps
  • Has add-ons to add features
  • Limited and unlimited data options
  • taxes and fees included


  • Runs on the AT&T network
    • Owned by AT&T
  • Offers 5 plans
  • Offers family discounts
  • Speeds capped at 8mbps
  • Has add-ons
  • Limited and unlimited data options
  • taxes and fees included

Now, let’s compare them. First off, the biggest difference is the speed cap. MetroPCS will give you as much as the T-Mobile network can handle, and you’re prioritized until you reach 35GB of usage. With Cricket, on top of being prioritized only for the first 22GB of usage, your speeds are limited to 8mbps, regardless of how much faster the AT&T network can go. Cricket does not have mobile hotspot included in their unlimited plan and requires an add-on, whereas MetroPCS just offers two unlimited plans: one with hotspot, and one without. After adding the hotspot feature to both, MetroPCS costs $60, and Cricket will cost $65 with auto-pay or $70 without.

They also do share some similar traits. For example, both offer unlimited 2g data if you’re on a tiered plan. Both also have the option for talk,text, and data usage in Canada and Mexico, although MetroPCS requires an add-on.

Overall, MetroPCS has better deals on a faster network. The only advantage Cricket has is slightly more coverage, but I don’t think that’s worth an extra $60 to $120 a year for. If you need AT&T coverage, you’re stuck with Cricket. If you have the option to choose, definitely go with MetroPCS. I haven’t checked, but I’ve seen a bunch more MetroPCS stores where I live than Cricket stores. For most people, that won’t matter, but it’s nice to be able to just go to a store when you need help.

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