Mint SIM

Mint SIM is an interesting T-Mobile MVNO that sells plans in bulk.If that sounded confusing, here is a simpler explanation: similar to how when you buy a product in bulk, you pay less per unit, the same thing applies to Mint SIM; the more months you buy at once, the lower the cost per month. For example, their cheapest plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of LTE data(followed by unlimited 128kbps), costs $35 a month, which isn’t bad, but it gets even better when you buy 3, 6, or even 12 months in advance. If you buy 3 months at once, you only pay $23 a month(they currently have a promotion that brings that down to $11.67 a month for new customers). When you buy 6 months, the price gets cut down to only $19.83 a month, and the best value is purchasing 12 months, which costs only $16.58 a month. Their other plans are: unlimited talk,text and data with 5GB of LTE, or unlimited talk, text, and data with 10GB of LTE. If you use a lot of data, Mint SIM is for you, if you buy 12 months of 10GB a month, the average per month is only $33.25! Unfortunately, they currently do not support visual voicemail, and tethering is against their Acceptable Use Policy. However, when contacting them, they said that its not officially supported, but if it works, the data will be deducted from your plan’s data allotment.

The verdict: If you don’t need visual voicemail and tethering, you can save a lot with Mint SIM

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