New Boost Mobile Review.

Note: This is a weekend post, but I decided to let everyone access it.

MVNOs change, and so must these reviews.Anyways, in my last review, Boost Mobile didn’t exactly have the most competitive pricing, and their definitely not on a competitive network. However, they have “upped their game”, and improved.

They have recently lowered their prices, and announced that all plans advertised on their site now included all taxes and fees(sound familiar, T-Mobile fans?). Anyways, their biggest improvement is their family unlimited plan, currently offering four lines of unlimited talk, text, and data on the Sprint network for only $125! Out of all the unlimited plans, that is the cheapest one I have found on the market. However, it does come with a few drawbacks.

The biggest drawback is the network they run off, Sprint. Sprint is known for having bad coverage, and slow speeds, and for good reason. There are many tests that show that Sprint has the least coverage and speed. In Sprint’s defense though, they did make a few unlucky moves a while back, not necessarily bad ones. However, what I will give to Sprint postpaid(and Virgin Mobile), is their “Extended LTE” and domestic roaming, which helps to compensate for their poor network. The problem is, as with many Sprint MVNOs, they have no roaming, or very poor roaming deals(the exception being Twigby).   Boost Mobile has very poor roaming, offering 50 minutes of roaming, no text, and no data. To top it all off, no iPhones currently support that domestic roaming, restricting you to the native Sprint network.

A pro of Boost Mobile is their iOS support(wow, didn’t I just say the opposite one sentance ago?). Since they are a big MVNO, most iOS features such as visual voicemail are supported. Their unlimited plan offers 8GB of LTE hotspot, and it is unclear if VPN usage counts towards that cap. If they’re like Sprint, they should have unlimited 2G hotspot and VPN after the first 8GB, but I’m not sure. If you don’t need unlimited data, they also have a $35 plan that has 3GB of data, which you can use for hotspot, VPN, or anything else. Their 3GB also offers music streaming from some services that won’t count towards your LTE cap, and buying extra data is just $5 for an extra GB, or $10 for 2GB, which is not bad.

The verdict: Overall, since my last post, Boost Mobile has improved the price for what you get ratio. They lowered their prices, included taxes and fees, while maintaining the same decent unlimited plan. Boost has significantly improved, and if you’re fine with the Sprint network, and want unlimited data, they can have very appealing offers.

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