New Tello plans!

Tello is a Sprint MVNO that allows you to build your own plan.I already wrote a review about them, but they recently decreased the price of their plans by including unlimited texting in all plans. You can now choose how many minutes you need, along with how much data you need, allowing you to build a custom plan to save money. Many people use apps that use the internet to call such as Skype, so having unlimited minutes isn’t needed that much anymore. What is needed is data, which is extremely cheap with Tello.

You can choose from the following(price shown is per month):


  • 100 for $5
  • 200 for $7
  • 300 for $9
  • 500 for $11
  • Unlimited for just $15


  • 200MB for $7
  • 500MB for $9
  • 1GB for $14
  • 2GB for $23
  • 3GB for $29
  • 5GB for $39, but they currently have a promotion fro 10GB for the same price

You can mix and match any of the above option to create the plan that is best for you. For example, if you need 2GB of data, but only use around 200 minutes a month, you can get a plan for just $25 a month! The best part is that after your data allotment, you get unlimited 2g instead of being cut off or paying for overages. They also seem to support visual voicemail on iOS, and have an auto-pay option so your service never gets cut off because you forgot to pay. Calls to Mexico and Canada are simply subtracted from your minute allotment and do not cost anything extra. Another thing to note is that their app supports calling over WiFi, in case you have no service.

That leads me into the biggest downside of Tello: the Sprint network. Sprint is known for being slow, and having poor coverage. They have improved both, but not enough, as most of their coverage map is blank. They do not currently have any roaming, meaning if you plan on leaving a major city, you’re out of luck in terms of coverage.

They also offer pay as you go, for those people who prefer that method. I personally would not recommend pay as you go, but if you are a very light user, it could save you money. This is also the only way to make international calls; you load up your account with credit, then use it. Pay as you go will also be used if your plan runs out. For example, if you go over your minute allotment, but still have pay as you go credit, instead of being cut off, you’ll simply pay for the minutes you use with your account credit.

The verdict: If you don’t mind the Sprint network and need an affordable plan, Tello is nearly unbeatable.

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