A Sprint and T-Mobile Merger won’t raise prices!!!

This past month, there has been a lot of talk about a Sprint and T-Mobile merger, and how prices will skyrocket and all consumers will be screwed.Well, I’m here to tell you that’s most likely not going to happen. If you disagree, read to the end, and if you still disagree, leave a comment.

First of all, let’s look at the cheapest unlimited plan on the market… T-Mobile. That’s right, T-Mobile is already the cheapest, and Sprint is a bit more expensive, meaning a merger will not eliminate the cheapest option. In fact, I believe that a merger will actually benefit customers. Currently, Sprint is the fourth largest carrier, and T-Mobile is the third largest, if the two merge, they will have a ton of consumers, and the more consumers they have, the more competitive AT&T and Verizon will have to get to keep up. Also, a merger will result in a bigger, faster network, meaning Verizon will have an even smaller advantage than they have now.

Additionally, T-Mobile has been, and will likely continue to be the “Un-Carrier”. And what does the Un-Carrier do? Lower prices, kill what customers hate, and be pro-consumer. With more money, more subscribers, more spectrum, and more cell towers than ever before, it will advance T-Mobile’s mission of eliminating everything consumers hate, not take it away.

According to Wikipedia, Verizon has 147.2 million customers, AT&T has 136.5 million customers, T-Mobile has 73.9 million customers, and Sprint has 59.7 million customers. If you do complex, NASA-level math, you see that if T-Mobile and Sprint merge, they will have a combined total of… 133.6 customers, putting them “just” about three million behind AT&T. At the rate T-Mobile is going, chances are that if the merger happens, they’ll surpass AT&T in nearly no time at all.

Overall, I think a merger will benefit customers, not hurt them.

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