T-Mobile just roasted Sprint

We all know how amazing T-Mobile is and how bad Sprint is, but T-Mobile just wrecked Sprint a few days ago.

Sprint is going around telling the story of how they improved their LTE speeds to an astounding 30mbps in like five cities. That’s great and definitely and improvement for Sprint, but T-Mobile made their claims sound like nothing.

I think it went something like this:

Sprint: We’ve just used amazing five year old technology to achieve speeds of nearly 30mpbs is nearly five cities, proving that we have the best network

T-Mobile: Ha, really funny Sprint, our network covers tens of millions of more people than yours, and we include Netflix in our family plans, and we have faster speeds,and …

Sprint: We’re going to add Hulu, a $7.99 value

T-Mobile: Netflix is a $10.99 value, also we just rolled out Gigabit LTE to over 400 markets, and LTE-A to nearly 1,000 markets! Take that 30mbps Sprint

The above conversation never really happened, as T-Mobile and Sprint are two MNOs, and we know that they can’t talk(hopefully). But still, while T-Mobile is breaking records in the speed department, Sprint is trying to catch up with what the other three carriers had years and years ago. A merger would have really helped out both companies, but from what I read, Sprint wasn’t willing to give up as much control as T-Mobile wanted, which I think is really selfish; T-Mobile has tens of millions of more customers, a bigger, faster network, and they were willing to give Sprint a second chance, but Sprint backed out, taking away an opportunity for consumers to have a network they deserve with a reasonable price.

As of now, Sprint has a lot of spectrum, but they don’t have the funds to use it, while T-Mobile has the funds and the network to take advantage of it. Oh well, Sprint will have to learn the hard way and go bankrupt in a few years. 

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