Total Wireless

Total Wireless is a Verizon MVNO that

offers quite good and affordable plans, and offers lots of data for its price.  It currently only lists two single line plans on its website, $25 for unlimited talk and text, and $35 for unlimited talk and text, with 5GB of data. Not only is 5GB for $35 a great price, the fact that is on the Verizon network makes it an even better deal. They also offer auto pay(they call it auto refill) discounts; if you sign up for auto pay, you save 5% each month, making the $25 plan only $23.75, and the $35 only $33.25, which doesn’t seem like much, but over the span of a few year adds up. They also offer affordable multi-line plans that share data. For $60 a month, or $57 with auto pay, you get unlimited talk and text, with 8GB that you can share on up to two lines. They also have a $85 plan, $80.75 with auto pay, that offers unlimited talk and text, with 12GB of data that can be shared on up to three devices. Their last family plan costs $100, $95 with auto pay, and offers unlimited talk and text, with 15GB of shared data on up to four lines. Not only are they an MVNO that offers family plans(many don’t), they have great value, and run on the Verizon network. Running on the Verizon network means you have coverage basically everywhere you go, plus Total Wireless can save you money on your current bill with other carriers.


The verdict: If you need affordable pricing, with data*, on the Verizon network, then Total Wireless has one of the best deals out there.

*If you don’t go to rural places that often, Twigby may be a better choice, as they have talk and text roaming, and data on the Sprint network.

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