Twigby vs Tello

Of the many Sprint MVNO’s, the cheapest have got to be Twigby and Tello.They both have a build your plan approach to the market, and both are affordable, but which one is better?

First, let’s compare coverage, which may sound silly because both are Sprint MVNO’s, but one does have better coverage. That one is Twigby, because on top of having talk, text, and data on the Sprint network, they have talk and text roaming when you’re out of Sprint’s native network. Tello does not currently offer domestic roaming, and relies completely on the Sprint network, which is not that big.

Now, what about pricing? Well, this is where it gets interesting. Tello wins on the smallest plans, whereas Twigby wins on the bigger plans. For example, Tello’s cheapest plan that includes 100 minutes of talk, 200 texts, and 200MB of data costs just $9, whereas the cheapest plan with data on Twigby is $12, but has 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 150MB of data. However, once you start going into the bigger plans, and especially data, Twigby starts to become cheaper. For unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of LTE data, Tello charges $29, when Twigby charges $25, and the difference grows really fast from there. For unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data, Twigby only charges $30, and Tello’s same plan is $39 a month, which is $108 a year, enough to buy a low end android phone.

Despite the above differences, both do share a lot in common. For example, both do not restrict tethering, or using your phone as a hotspot. Both also give you unlimited 2g data once you use your data allotment, and both offer huge savings over other MVNOs. However, between the two, I believe that Twigby is better for a lot of people, but if you live in Sprint coverage, and just need a bit of everything, then Tello is the way to go. You should also choose Tello if you want pay as you go, or if you need to talk to people in Canada or Mexico, as calls to both are included.

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