Twigby is an amazing MVNO that runs off the Sprint network, however the main thing that sets it apart from all other Sprint MVNO’s is the fact that it has free talk and text roaming to allow you to stay in communication with your friends and family when outside the Sprint network. It has great, affordable prices because instead of choosing a plan, you’re the one that makes the plan.

You choose from 200, 500, 100, or unlimited minutes and no data, 150MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB of data. All plans include unlimited texting. The cheapest plan is $9 and has no data, 200 minutes, and unlimited texting, while the most expensive is just $40 and include unlimited talk and text with 4GB of LTE data. The great thing about Twigby is that you can enable free overage protection, meaning you will never be charged for overages, and after you reach your data plan allotment, you will continue to get unlimited data at 2g speeds. Twigby supports many of the features people need such as voicemail and using your phone as a hotspot. I have not personally seen anyone using visual voicemail with Twigby, but their customer service says they support it. They also offer family plans, but don’t give you multi-line discounts like some other MVNOs.

The verdict: If you live within Sprint coverage, Twigby has amazing deals.

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