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US Mobile recently made a deal with what appears to be Verizon to offer plans on their network.US Mobile used to only run off the T-Mobile network, and they still do, but they have a new option they call “Super LTE”. They aren’t allowed to say which carrier they use, but it’s most likely Verizon as its CDMA, and they claim it to be the fastest, biggest network in the US, which does not apply to Sprint.

With the addition of “Super LTE” plans, US Mobile has come into the unlimited plan market, offering cheap plans for the price of speed. They have a build your plan style builder, but they also have tiered unlimited plans that come at 1 mpbs, 5, and up to 150 mbps.  Before I start comparing them, it’s important to remember that they support family plans, which not many MVNOs do.

For all of their unlimited plans, there are three options: 100 minutes+100 texts with data, unlimited talk+text+data, and unlimited everything with mobile hotspot support. Their plans range from just $35 for 100 minutes+100 texts with unlimited 1mpbs data, all the way up to $75 a month. While $75 a month seems like a lot, Verizon Prepaid only offers unlimited data for $80, and does not include hotspot, so unlimited with hotspot on the same network for less is an amazing deal.

The new “Super LTE” network also has features that weren’t supported on the GSM network. The biggest feature they added is Visual Voicemail support, which you generally don’t get with prepaid. Addons also roll over instead of expiring, and WiFi calling support is expected to come soon.

Why would anyone want the GSM network then?

Well, I like T-Mobile the most out of all the carriers, but even if you don’t, there are still a few reasons you might choose them instead. For one, they support the most phones, and most unlocked phones are GSM unlocked, not many have GSM and CDMA support. Another reason is speed: your speed is not capped while on the T-Mobile network(as far as I know).

More and more MVNOs are offering unlimited data, so it’s great that someone offers them for as low as $35. Hopefully, we’ll see even cheaper unlimited plans coming soon.

Source: US Mobile

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