Verizon and AT&T slowing down?

Do you have AT&T or Verizon?  Have you noticed they’re slowing down?

Well they are, and they’re only getting slower these days… This is mostly due to their new unlimited plans with their large user bases that use a ton of data (literally). As of recently, Verizon and AT&T have begun offering their “unlimited plans,” again to better compete with the competition ( that competition being Sprint and T-Mobile).  And with their large number of subscribers, one can only imagine all the congestion their users are experiencing now. Verizon’s LTE speeds dropped 12 percent ( a huge drop) in February, according to OpenSignal, while AT&T dropped only 1Mbps on average. This drop, from 13.9 Mbps to 12.9 Mbps,  is still an unacceptable change.  Compare that to Sprint’s 4G availability or an increase of 5% within 6 months, making this the biggest improvement of any carrier at this time. That said, T-Mobile still has the better 4G and LTE download speeds.

A note from NerdOfLinux (T-Mobile fan):

T-Mobile doubled their network before, so 5% in comparison is nearly nothing.

Back to you, NerdOfCode:

If you are currently on Verizon or AT&T,  I would recommend switching to T-Mobile because of their stupendous coverage, speeds, and great pricing; and to get away from aging networks. Additionally, if you are switching from Verizon to T-Mobile and have a phone lease, T-Mobile will pay it off up to $650 (per line), and they will also pay any early termination fees.  Isn’t that just amazing?  Not to mention, some T-Mobile plans are now including Netflix and GoGo inflight Wi-Fi.  I am not sure if they will pay off AT&T or Sprint leases.

The Verdict:

Stop paying for insane Verizon and AT&T prices when you can switch to T-Mobile.  Another message from NerdOfLinux —  why not switch! you get a lower price, with all their great benefits, and amazing service in both speed and coverage.


Source: Digital Trends | OpenSignal

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