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Why everyone should use Google Drive

Even though I do not recommend using Google as a search engine, I do recommend that you use their cloud services(Google Drive and counterparts).

I recommend using Google Drive and it’s counterparts for a good number of reasons. Some of them are for its incredible loading speed and others are for its generous storage allotment. I also encourage using Google Drive for its  reliability, that is Google Drive saves all your data in the cloud(No one I know including myself has ever had a problem with Google Drive losing Files or corrupting data).Anyways, some people out there may be asking what Google Drive is? Well, Google Drive is basically your file storage hub, this means that you can store anything from a Google Docs file to a random video you found on the web! The best part about Google Drive is that it’s absolutely free for everyone(You get free 15GB’s of storage, very generous)! Google Drive is not a standalone product though. It has many other products that are built around it and that have the ability to store files to it. These products include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and so many other magical products that anyone can use for free!!!

So what is Google Docs? Google Sheets? Google Slides?

Google Docs is basically a word document editor that is designed to be the equivalent of Microsoft’s Word. The only difference is that Google Docs automatically saves your file in the cloud every time you make a single character change(Talk about server load) and is a little less powerful than Word. Also, Google Docs can edit files that were created in Microsoft Word now and it can also save files as if it were created in Microsoft Word.

Google Sheets is basically for creating and editing spreadsheets to keep track of numbers and other business related things. The equivalent of Google Sheets is Microsoft’s Excel, again the only difference is that Google Sheets saves automatically every time you change a single character and is only a little less powerful than Microsoft Excel(Because it runs in the cloud and not software on your computer). And yet again, Google Sheets can edit files that were created in Microsoft Excel and it also save files as if they were created in Excel

Google Slides not last(It will be last for today though) and not least is Google Slides. Google Slides was built for creating and editing a slide show, sometimes called a presentation. Google Slides is the equivalent of Microsoft’s Power Point. And yet once again, the main difference is that Google Slides automatically saves your work every character you change and is only a little less powerful than Microsoft’s Power Point, but nonetheless Google Slides is more reliable.


The Verdict: If you’re tired of buying license’s for Microsoft products or paying fee’s, just switch over to Google Drive for free.

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