Why I use Vultr.

Hello, today I will be talking about why I use Vultr to host my servers

First off, this post will be entirely in my own opinion and there may be a cheaper price out there but that does not mean it is not a scam or fraudulent. First off, I currently host my website off a $2.50 a month server(Yes extremely cheap) which offers the same exact specs as DigitalOceans $5 a month server. So yeah, the specs to price ratio is definitely a good deal. Anyways, Vultr offers a ticket support system(No calling), this support system works very good, I usually have a representative assisting me within 30 minutes(They are very kind and help you to the last minute). Vultr also offers two step authentication which is great, along with very easy to use API. Vultr is also running new promotions all the time, the one I got gave me $15 free once I paid $15(Which means 6 months free, geez how are they making money(or are they?)). In conclusion, Vultr has the best reliable and safe server prices for price to spec ratio. Have a suggestion or have a better server hosting provider, please leave a comment below.

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