Why I switched to 1Password

I know it has been a while since I posted, but I needed a break to come up with some ideas. I plan to go back to my normal schedule.


I used to use mSecure for everything, but I recently switched to 1Password. I liked it so much, I bought the $10 pro version within a day of installing the app on my iPhone. The main reason I switched was for features.


I really like all the features 1Password has. My favorite is the iCloud syncing, which allows for my passwords to be synced across my iPhone and Mac. With mSecure, I had to email myself the backup file every now and then; whereas now it’s 100% automated. It also supports DropBox, in case you want to sync with a non-Apple device. I also like the browser extension, something that mSecure lacks completely.

1Password even has an extension for Safari, something not a lot of password managers have. Whenever you go to a login page, it will automatically ask you if you want to save the username, password, and site. On a registration page, it can automatically generate and save the password.

There is also something called Watchtower, which notifies you about websites that have been hacked, so you know to change your password. It also detects duplicate passwords, along with weak ones. If you have a touch time finding your logins, you’ll love the logos that 1Password automatically adds next to the title.


On iOS, you can choose to enable touch ID, or face ID. I’d rather not enable this, as the FBI or Police don’t need a search warrant to make you unlock your device with a fingerprint, and I’d rather have my passwords safe. It uses AES-256 bit encryption, which would take billions and billions of years to crack with modern technology, although the cipher is technically broken.

Note: AES is not severely broken, but it can be cracked faster than a brute force attack, so it is considered “broken”. It still takes billions of years to crack though, so you’re safe for now.

Let me know what password manager you use in the comments, and why!

UPDATE: Although 1Password is a solid option, the fact that it costs $60 for the Mac edition is crazy, so a post will be coming out next week about why I chose LastPass

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