Why Chromebooks are changing the tech industry.

Have you heard about the Chromebook craze going on?Chromebooks are the the newest, coolest computer fad going on right now in the tech industry. As high schools, and colleges push out Chromebooks to students they are becoming more and more available, cheaper, and more efficient meeting students exact needs.

Chromebooks aren’t just built for students though, anyone that only uses a computer for web browsing and cloud storage, Chromebooks would be perfect for you. Anyways, time to talk specifics, Chromebooks were first introduced in 2011 by Google. Acer and Samsung were the first companies to produce and sale the Chromebooks on the open market. Also the main part of Chromebooks productivity is the cloud, Chromebooks basically rely on the cloud. And since they use Googles proprietary software, that is Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google slides, and so forth it basically makes a pretty good work machine combo.

Are you in high school or college? Well this computer is perfect for High school and College students because the computer comes with 100GB of cloud storage(for two years), and since these students generally write essays and create presentations, its perfect. The cheapest Chromebook on the open market(Amazon in this case) right now(That is reliable and has good reviews) is the Samsung Chromebook XE500C13-K04US, this puppy comes in around $169.00 right now and has solid reviews, 4GB’s of RAM and 16GB of eMMC(Not Including the cloud storage). Interested? You can currently find this hefty computer here.


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