My intent is to never be employed by anyone else during my life.

I do need to make money however, so I have turned to freelancing. One way is by this blog, and another way is by selling my photography. I did think about Pixabay, and giving back to the community, but after learning about Alamy, I changed my mind.

Why Alamy?

Sure, there are a lot of other companies that will sell your photos for you, but none of them can even compete with Alamy. Unlike other similar companies, they give the image poster 50%, instead of the industry-average of 30%! They are also non-exclusive, so you’re free to sell your images elsewhere. The biggest advantage of this is if you want to also sell your top five photos on your site, but keep them on Alamy. You’re free to do that with them, but not so much with other companies.


Alamy offers a lot of good features. They do all the hard work of selling your photos. All you need to do is upload and tag them, and they do the rest. They put it on their search engine, and watermark it for you, so when search engines, such as Google index them, people can’t steal them. They also set their own prices, which is actually a good thing. They likely have much more experience than you do in selling photos, and they get a percentage of the money, not a flat rate, so their interest is to sell it at the highest price possible, and as much as possible.


They do have some downsides, however. Their most annoying one is quality control. Although I see why they do it, I don’t think they need to. If people don’t like it, they won’t buy it, there is no reason to not let you upload it. This gets more annoying when you upload a ton of photos at once; if one photo isn’t accepted, they don’t check the rest, so you have to re-upload the good ones. After a while, you do learn what to look for, so the amount they reject will shrink with time.


Overall, if you want to sell, or buy, images, Alamy is hard to beat. If you are a photographer, you get 50% of the money your photos make, and as a buyer, you know half of the money you’re giving supports the photographer.

Check out my uploads here. If you like them, please support me by purchasing a personal license, and using one as your wallpaper. Thank you in advance.

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