Why I decided to use an adblocker

You read the title right, NerdOfLinux has decided to use an adblocker, let me explain why.I wrote multiple posts on why adblockers are bad for the internet, because ads run most free sites. While still true, adblockers have evolved to become a good compromise. The Google Chrome plugin I decided to use is AdBlock Plus, which is a win-win for consumers and the internet.

AdBlock Plus now includes an acceptable ads program, which allow non-intrusive ads to be displayed. Many websites have not implemented this yet, but hopefully with time, they will. The acceptable ads program requires ads to not obscure your reading flow, so ads that pop up, or appear in the middle of the page are not allowed. They also require all ads to be labeled, so there is no confusion between ads and content. On top of that, there are also size limitations, ads can not take up more than 25% of the page under any circumstances.

Here are a few more rules:

  • Text ads can not use excessive color or anything else to grab attention
  • Image ads must be non-obstrucive
  • On pages such as error pages and permission errors, only text ads are allowed

To understand it more fully, check out their page from the source link in the bottom of this post.

I think that the acceptable ads program is a great compromise; it allows content creators to get money, and users are not shown huge pop up ads.

If you are a content creator, and want to be part of this amazing program, simply follow the steps below:

–From: source linked at the bottom of this post —

  1. If your website has ads that comply with the Acceptable Ads criteria, simply fill out this form.
  2. Someone from Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, will contact you to determine the exact ads, and check whether they comply with our criteria.
  3. After you have made any necessary changes, both sides sign an agreement.
  4. We submit the whitelisting proposal in the forum and the ads are whitelisted at the same time. The topic will stay open in order for the community to declare concerns if or when the candidate does not meet the requirements.”

–End of steps–

If you’re annoyed by some ads, but still want to support content creators, be sure to enable this setting.

Sources: AdBlock Plus

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