Fun Terminal Web Browsers

That’s right, you can browse the web without ever leaving the terminal!


Lynx is one of the more basic ones, but it does get the job done. You can surf the web, but CSS doesn’t seem to affect it in any way. You can still read blogs and sites that are text-based, as long as you’re fine with having links flying everywhere, as things like the menu links aren’t hidden. On the bright side, it does support HTTPS, and cookies seem to work, but you have to allow cookies for each site you visit. I was too lazy to learn how to use it, but if you did it would probably work 🙂


Links sounds very similar to Lynx, and it is also one of the more basic terminal-based web browsers. It does seem to work better than Lynx for me, but the default is to jump to links, so you can’t just scroll as you please down a page. It can’t process CSS, but at least it doesn’t ask about cookies fifteen times a second.


This is by far the most advanced out of all the terminal web browsers. It supports images, and CSS appears to somewhat work. If you decide to use it, I recommend you use uxterm, as it supports images. Although it’s weird to see images in a text terminal, if I had to go without a normal web browser, I would choose w3m.

It allows you to scroll freely, and the biggest difference from the web browser you’re used to is the lack of mouse support, you have to use arrow keys. Instead of clicking, you press enter, and a few other small changes like that. I also noticed that is supports bold text, and lists look nicer.


You can install all of these browsers with either of the following commands:


sudo apt install lynx links w3m


sudo pacman -S lynx links w3m

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