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Why I don’t trust Google.

Have you heard of Google, bet you have… I bet you haven’t heard of Google’s mass surveillance though. Google started off as just a nice free search engine that provided emailing … this has changed enormously over the past years. Information has sourced that suggests Google collects all your data from all of its number some products and then sells it to corporations and even the NSA. This means that they record everything you do, “everything” ranges from when you login perhaps to what site you visit most frequently. (To reinforce)The worse part is that they watch EVERYTHING, I mean that they watch how long you stay on a page, what you do on that page, and what you look at.

Once I read these words, I took an oath that I would never use Google or most of its products ever again(Except Google Allo for now). There are many alternative search engines out there I would recommend, such as DuckDuckGo or GoodGopher. And if you are looking for a new email provider after this I don’t blame you, I recommend ProtonMail for its strong encryption.

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Slight addition by NerdOfLinux:

Nearly all sites use tracking these days, and for good reason. statistics help create better content to get more users, but at the cost of privacy. I believe that the bigger problem is the selling of information, not the collecting of information. I’m fine with sites counting how many users they have on what OS, i just don’t like them selling it to everyone, especially the NSA. I encourage everyone to read the terms of use and privacy policy on all sites to understand who they share your information with. Gate Blogs also collects a bit of information, but it’s for our use, not everyone else’s, like it should be.


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