What is a CDN?

Well, a CDN stands for Content Delivery Network.One of the most popular examples of this is good old CloudFlare, the CDN this site uses. Anyways, a CDN can increase the speed of your site without requiring you to make any changes on your server. That’s because a CDN is a network of a ton of servers in different areas, and most CDNs will use the closest one to the person trying to access the site.

A CDN will generally have a cached version of the site locally, meaning it doesn’t have to make requests to your server every time you get a visitor. That decreases the load on your server, allowing for more people to access your site at once. Some CDNs such as CloudFlare also offer some other amazing features. My favorites from CloudFlare are their free TLS certificates and their Always Online technology. Their Always Online technology can show a cached version of your site to visitors in the event that your main server is down, and if you use javascript for ads, you should technically still get money!! CloudFlare also has apps you can install, such as Google Analytics, and a loading symbol on your site.

There really is no good reason to not use a CDN, especially ones with free plans like CloudFlare. Starting with CloudFlare is free, but if you need some of their advanced features, you’ll need to pay.

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