What is eMMC storage?

eMMC or embedded MultiMediaCard is flash memory that is usually found in today’s cheap Chromebooks, Android run phones, and Windows computer. eMMC was introduced in 1997 by Sandisk and Siemens AG (SD cards are preferred over eMMC memory currently).eMMC storage is a cheap alternative to an SSD (that is if you don’t want a conventional hard drive)probably because it is much slower than a proper SSD(or Solid State Storage). With this being said, I do not recommend purchasing a Windows laptop that has eMMC internal storage because it will make Windows much slower than it already is. Another downside to eMMC memory  it that it is usually soldered to a PCB(printer circuit board), meaning that the user cannot remove it and insert it into another computer or swap it out if it dies.

One advantage of eMMC memory is that it is said to have “extreme reliability”(according to Panasonic). Although with traditional SD cards you can and they are also built with “high reliability and endurance”, according to Panasonic. One last thing I want to mention is that I would actually recommend SD cards for the reasons above and not to mention that there are microSD cards out there for people trying to save a few inches of space with maximum amount of storage and usability:)


Source: Wikipedia | Panasonic

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