AMP for WP

I know I just wrote a post about how to use another plugin, but this one is a thousand times better!

After more or less breaking the old AMP plugin, I came across this one, which is so much more advanced, and makes it so much easier to use!!

Set Up

All you need to do is install the plugin, and the hardest part is done. Unlike the standard AMP plugin, this one makes the AMP version of your site look better than your current theme! I mean, there’s a responsive menu, search bar, oh, and did I mention it does work on pages!


Unlike the old AMP plugin, you don’t need to install a Yoast extension for this one. On top of the fact that the plugin has its own built in support for Yoast SEO, there’s even a built in analytics setting. All you need to do is choose your analytics type, and paste your tracking code. The plugin will do the rest.


AMP is amazing in terms of speed and page size, and this plugin also does that. There’s a built in minification setting that doesn’t break anything, allowing you to make your site even smaller! I recommend you enable the mobile redirect option so mobile users always see the AMP version. It doesn’t even look bad on desktop, something other AMP plugins suck at. The menu scales well, and on the theme #3, it even supports multiple menu layers!


That’s right, this plugin allows you to place ads, without paying anything! You can get an extension for advanced ad placement, but the free, built in version should be just fine. The old AMP plugin didn’t even have an option for this, so the fact that this free plugin does shows that it is possible.


Although the plugin itself works fine for free, there are payed extensions that add support for contact form 7 forms, and a bunch of others. For example, you can allow people to comment directly on AMP for just $30/year, which is not bad, especially for a big site.


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