Why you should be using the Jetpack plugin

Feel like you have too many plugins slowing down your site?

Well, the Jetpack plugin can probably replace at least a few of them.

Social Media

Jetpack is a really simple way to integrate your site with social media. With this plugin, the most notable feature is the WordPress.com login, which allows any WordPress.com user to login to your site, and you can even automatically create an account when this happens. There’s also the comments; if you choose to enable Jetpack comments, users can leave a comment with WordPress.com, and a few other social media networks, like you can see in the comments(If you’re not signed in). Speaking of comments, they’re stored locally, so you’re still in full control. You can also add sharing buttons at the bottom of every post.


Jetpack includes a CDN that’s called Photon, which gives you unlimited photo storage for free. It will automatically rewrite all URLs to their servers, taking the load off yours. Should you decide to disable this, it will be re-written back to your server, so there’s no risk. Photos are probably the biggest part of your blog, so offloading that can increase the performance of your site.


The Jetpack plugin can also block some attacks against your server, such as brute force attacks. Combined with their WordPress.com login, your login page becomes significantly more secure. You should still install another security plugin, but Jetpack will do quite a lot to preotect your site. It generally blocks at least 50 attempts per day on this site. There are also paid tiers that offer more features, such as backups, and spam protection.


Jetpack also adds a ton of widgets that you can use in widget areas on your site. These range from EU cookie banners, to the most popular posts, to social media features. This alone saved me a ton of other plugins.

Other features

Some other features that I use are:

  • related posts
  • analytics
  • WordPress blog editor

Noe: I am really sorry about the hundred or so emails that were sent to all of my subscribers yesterday. I was messing around with WordPress, and I triggered my post notification plugin. I’ll do my best to make sure it never happens again 🙂

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