Why and how to backup WordPress

Backing up is a very important step in maintaining WordPress. If you are ever hacked, or break your site, it’s important to have a backup to fall back to.


Backing up your WordPress install is extremely easy with modern WordPress installs. Just install a plugin, I use Xcloner, and you’re good to go. I recommend at least daily backups, and if you’re like me, I backup my database every hour. In case you accidentally break or delete something, a backup can save you a lot of time


Off-site backups

The last thing you want is to lose your install, along with your backups. This is why I recommend that you at least backup WordPress to a folder outside of your WordPress install, as a precaution. I don’t have a full off-site backup(yet), but I do have daily off-site database backups, so I still have all posts and comments, just not theme and plugin files, which are the least important. XCloner makes this easy, by allowing you to use Google Drive, Dropbox, or to another server via SFTP or FTP

At least as often as you post

If you post once a day, then have daily backups. If you post once a week, then you can get by with weekly backups. The whole point of this rule is so you don’t lose any posts you have published or scheduled in case you need to restore. If you’re not sure, it’s best to do daily backups.

Check your backups

I used XCloner for a while with the wrong settings, and I only realized after I broke the database, and lost a weeks worth of posts. Check your backups once a month or more often to make sure you can restore to them if something happens. If you’re really paranoid, spin up another server every now and then to make sure you remember how to restore the backup, so when you need to do it, you have minimal downtime.

Let me know what I left out in the comments.

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