How to write better blog posts

I assure you, this is not a clickbait title.

I’ve been blogging for months now, so if you’re starting out, you might be able to learn a little.

Write at least 300 words

No one wants to read a one-hundred word paragraph that claims to be its own post. I’ve tried that, and it miserably failed. I still don’t have that many users, but I’m still doing better ever since I started writing longer, and better posts. I still make the mistake of stretching everything to 300 words, and that sometimes results in a post that makes no sense. In general, if you can’t write 300 words about a topic, don’t post about it, unless you reach like 250 words, in which case stretching it by 50 words won’t make much of a difference in quality.

Use headers

Using headers makes posts way easier to read. It helps skim through a post to see where the interesting part is, and it makes your thoughts more organized, or at least appear more organized. The Yoast SEO plugin will actually boost your readability score by simply using headings, which are really easy to add in WordPress. You can use something like the jetpack plugin, and use markdown, or change the font type to heading 2 for the header.

Learn from experience

The best way to learn how to blog better is simply experience. Tips like what I shared will only get you so far, you have to do everything else by yourself, unfortunately. For example, what post is better: my first post ever, or this one? Chances are, this one is better, primarily because it’s 1. longer than 300 words, and 2. I use headers. Also, using headers and longer posts will give you a higher SEO ranking, according to Google, anyways.

One more small tip: use internal linking. I often get too lazy to do this, but it does help your SEO ranking, and readers to stay on your site longer. Leave any tips I left out in the comments!

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